12 Great Superhero TV Shows Not Based On Marvel Or DC Comics And How To Watch Them

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As a comic book fan with a good deal of free time and who is looking to get his money’s worth for subscriptions to multiple streaming services, I am eagerly anticipating the next upcoming Marvel TV show, as well as the latest DC TV shows to return or premiere for the first time. However, I am also just as big a fan (if not a bigger fan in some instances) of superhero TV shows that are not affiliated with either of those comic book publishing giants, such as The Boys – which returns for a third season in June 2022. In fact, let’s start with that dark, satirical masterpiece for our list of some of the most super series that are not based on either Marvel or DC comics.

Karl Urban in The Boys Season 3

(Image credit: Amazon Video)

The Boys (Amazon Prime)

In a world in which superheroes are real and are primarily involved with the crimefighting business for the fame and fortune, a young man (Jack Quaid) who has grown to hate costumed vigilantes due to personal tragedy joins a former Special Forces agent (Karl Urban) and his ragtag crew on a mission to expose all “supes” and their corruption, and destroy as many as possible.


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